Relaxing in a Japanese hot spring to celebrate our marriage.

Smaller rose gardens can be fun.

It all happens in the matter of a few weeks. First, the buds appear on some trees. Not all of the buds appear at the same time. Then, some of the buds begin to bloom. Usually. there are a few trees that always bloom first. In the Nagara Spa area, where I live, the first tree […]

Saving the heritage of my children and their children.

Home of 28 haikus this month forming a complete love story.

  Each year, there are things that we do to celebrate the New Year. Some of them are things that everybody else does and some are not. Like most, we spend the last days of the old year cleaning our home, so we are exhausted by the time the year ends. On New Year’s Eve, we usually […]

Back in the States, some of my Facebook friends are posting messages about “putting Christ back into Christmas.” In Japan, Christmas is a favorite holiday, but it has very little to do with Christianity. Christianity is a minority religion here, with estimates that about one percent of the population is Christian. There are plenty of […]