A strange sixteen days, documented in a Twitter Moment.


Loud but orderly protest about ill-manipulating impressions in Tokyo.

Sunday night was the closing night of KJ’s Bar and Grill. It was run by a fellow expat, and it was a place where local expats and Japanese could perform. It had been in existence for about four years.  Some of those performers are my friends. It will be missed. Bars open and close all […]

Every year, on the last Saturday of July and on the first Saturday of August, there are fireworks along the Nagara River (about 30,000 per night). We can watch them from our balcony. (I discussed this earlier in Fireworks in Gifu) This year there may be a complicating factor: a 30% chance of rain. This is […]

Relaxing in a Japanese hot spring to celebrate our marriage.

Smaller rose gardens can be fun.

It all happens in the matter of a few weeks. First, the buds appear on some trees. Not all of the buds appear at the same time. Then, some of the buds begin to bloom. Usually. there are a few trees that always bloom first. In the Nagara Spa area, where I live, the first tree […]